Black Magic Impacts and Remedies

Are you searching for black magic protection, if you are facing too much problems in life due to black magic or kala jadu. Here you can get powerful vedic astrology solutions to over come from black magic.

There are many yogas in horoscope which shows that person may get affected by black magic or kala jadu or evil eye effects.

1. If there is a grahan yoga in kundli or horoscope or birth chart then there is a very chance that the person will face negative energy problems.
2. If Rahu is malefic then it creates a chance to attract negative energies.
3. If Saturn is negative in birth chart then also it affect the life with black magic.
4. The combination of Mars and Sturn also form yoga to affect the life with black magic.
5. Vish yoga also generate chance to disturb the life with black magic or dark energies.
6. Malefic Kalsarp yoga also disturb the life etc.

Solutions of Black Magic Through Astrology or Vedic astrology:
1. By doing proper planetary peace of the malefic planet it is possible to get rid of black magic.
2. By installing a good siddha yantra in the affected place it is possible to protect the place from black magic.
3. By doing proper hawan in auspicious time and day it is possible to over come from negativ energies.
4. By wearing a charged kawach we can protect our self.
5. By doing daan of a particular thing in a particular time and day is good to protect our self from black magic effects.
Now let's see some symptoms of black magic:
Suicide attempts by victim.
Changes in behaviour.
Unwanted fear.
Lack of energy in a healthy environment.
Blockage of Money.
Loss in health, wealthy, business.
Feeling of bonding in body parts.
Memory loss.
Hopeless life.
Dark Circles on face.
Problems in relationship.
Dream of falling from heights.
Heavyness in body parts.
Constant headache.
Strange smell from body.
Some times heavy itching in body parts.
Medicines not work on victim.

Symptoms of Black Magic On Females:
Irritation, itching in sex organs.
Dream of rape.
Sometimes it is seen that some one is removing cloth.
Problem in monthly period.
Unable to conceive i.e. unable to give birth.
Regular miscarriage in-spite of healthy body and proper treatment.

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